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3 Top SEO Ranking Tips You Should Implement NOW

Improve SEO Rank

Search engine optimization, or SEO, helps your site to be featured when someone searches specific keywords. It encourages people to click on your site first, because you have the most relevant content to what they are searching for. There are some easy ways to make your SEO ranking in Fort Lauderdale higher, and here are just a few.

1. Use Your URLs to Your Advantage for Better SEO Ranking

Sometimes a website has a URL that is fairly long, but it is broken up into easily readable sections. It is important to have the title of the content in the URL, instead of just a generic title such as “Article-1” after the backslash. Your URL should be easy to type, and memorable to the user while cutting out articles like “a,” “an,” or “the.”  

2. Write Like a Human, Not Like a Robot

Although a robot is what controls a search engine internally, a person controls it externally. The search engine does what the person tells it to do. When users search for keywords, they use the language that makes sense to them. If you’re writing content that uses language that people understand and use daily, you will get more traffic than trying to use blocks of keywords that you think a search engine should pick up on. 

3. Put Keywords Into Your Images to Improve Your SEO in Fort Lauderdale

Whether you’re looking for a picture of a baby wearing sunglasses, or trying to find a picture you saw on Facebook but can’t remember who shared it, you use keywords. When you’re trying to sell a product, don’t use keywords like “Click to buy.” Write a description of what the image is. It will help the user to find your site by searching exactly what they’re looking for. Make sure you aren’t keyword stuffing, as this may cause you to use them out of context and ultimately lower your ranking.

What Are You Waiting For – Improve Your SEO Ranking With DigifiWeb

These three tips are extremely crucial for SEO in Fort Lauderdale, as are many other factors that can improve your ranking. For fresh traffic and to keep people coming back to your site, work with our SEO experts here at DigifiWeb. Contact us today at 561-316-4824 to learn how we can use an on-budget SEO campaign to generate the most traffic to your site!

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