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5 Brands That Are Crushing Their Digital Marketing Campaign

Digital Marketing Campaigns

The best digital marketing campaigns affect people by making a meaningful connection between the goods or services being offered and the ideal market for them. They inspire the people they reach, and a great marketing campaign reaches a lot of people to showcase your brand. Be inspired by these 5 brands that are crushing their digital marketing campaign, and then go out and be inspiring!

1. Airbnb: Smashing Their Digital Marketing Campaign Goals

It wasn’t long ago that finding vacation rental homes involved a lot of searching on local web sites. Now, Airbnb has become a one-stop shop for pretty much any and everywhere in the world, thanks to their amazing digital marketing campaign to attract both hosts and guests. Their social media posts focus on user-generated content to awe and inspire other users. Genius! The lesson? Engage your customers.

2. Lego

The new Lego marketing campaign focuses on globalization, with it’s message of “Rebuild the world.” All at once, it captures the nostalgic element of a classic toy while inspiring people to connect with world issues. The lesson here is to show you care about more than just the bottom line.

3. Lyft

If you’ve ever used a ride service, chances are good it might have been Lyft. The genius behind their digital marketing campaign is getting customers to talk up Lyft’s service. Their new referral program provides incentives like discounted rides for current customers to refer others. Through Lyft, you can learn that word of mouth still goes a long way!

4. Dove

Tired of body shaming ads depicting unrealistic images of beauty? Dove’s campaign showcases real women to inspire self-love and a more inclusive definition of beauty. Their #ShowUs campaign encourages women to share, engaging customers. Dove teaches us that inspiring self-esteem is a good thing for the world – and your bottom line.

5. Tesla

It’s a newer car company, but Tesla has caught social media attention big time! With more than 5 million followers on Twitter, they go for quality of tweets, not quantity. They choose highly shareable content and exciting live streams of new releases to draw in their audience. The lesson? Be exciting!

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