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Social Media Marketing

Is your brand making the right impact on social media users? Are you even reaching your primary audience? Social media marketing provides solutions that help you connect with your target consumers to grow your business.

In 2020, over 3.8 billion people across the world utilize social media sites including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, Twitter, and YouTube. That’s nearly half of the global population! 74% of Facebook users check their account daily. The power of social media (SM) in this modern day cannot be underestimated, as it’s an opportunity to be in front of your followers every single day. It helps you gather data from your target market and follow trends they’re interested in, so you can better understand them.

Improve Your Brand Awareness & Image and Increase Sales Through Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing allows you put your social sites on autopilot, so you can focus on more important tasks. Our SM experts are able to craft customized content for your fans. The right content helps you build positive relationships with your customers, allows your brand to tell your story, improves your image, and generates conversations about your business.

At DigifiWeb, we also utilize social media for ad campaigns that help develop brand awareness, engage with your audience, and increase your website traffic. This ultimately leads to more conversions, improving your bottom line. With the right campaign, this can even happen overnight.


Master your brand’s online presence with data-driven marketing. Make your marketing dollars work harder. Improve ROI for better overall profitability.

DigifiWeb utilizes a proven process for social media marketing success:

  • Discovery Call: A “getting to know you” call helps us uncover important information to gain a better understanding of your brand.
  • Customized Strategy Development: Your social media manager determines the best way to accomplish your goals for the project based on your brand, research specific to the SM platform(s) we will be using, and other relevant details. Then, we review the scope of the project with you.
  • Implementing and Monitoring: Once you’re ready to proceed, we quickly get to work for you, implementing your customized plan. We monitor data daily, and if necessary, we update the strategy for improved results.
  • Reporting: We keep you in the know with detailed reports of your progress with monthly strategy meetings.

Get More for Your Marketing Dollars With Social Media Marketing Services From DigifiWeb

Of all small businesses in the US, an estimated 50% are not using social media to properly promote themselves. Don’t fall on the wrong side of that statistic. Allow our social media marketing experts to harness the power of social media for you with the type of content your audience is interested in. Call us today at 561-267-0818 to learn more about how can help you grow your brand and increase revenue with social media platforms.