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Email Marketing

If you’re like most Americans, you’ve probably already compulsively checked your email multiple times today. Today alone, 269 billion emails were sent worldwide. And for good reason. Email is the most effective way online to acquire and retain more customers.

According to one study, email delivers the highest ROI when compared to television, radio, social media, and other common methods of digital advertising. For every dollar you spend on e-marketing, you can expect to receive an average of $42. Where else can you get that kind of massive ROI, especially if you are a small business on a budget?

Reach Your Target Customers in a Quick, Cost-Effective Way With Email Marketing Campaigns From DigifiWeb

Over 90% of adults online use email. With the high ROI of email marketing, you can’t afford not to be in your target market’s inbox. Our e-marketing campaigns are designed to help reach your ideal audience, grab attention, increase open rates, communicate effectively through content and graphic design, and drive sales.

We do this through a multi-step process, including research of your brand through a discovery call, as well as strategy development and implementation. Our marketing wizards develop your strategy based on research into behaviors of your ideal customers, such as what type of device your customers are more like to open emails on and the day and time of the week your readers are most likely to click on your email. Once your e-marketing strategy has been developed and executed, we monitor the email campaign’s success to determine what works best for your target audience.


Master your brand’s online presence with data-driven marketing. Make your marketing dollars work harder. Improve ROI for better overall profitability.

At DigifiWeb, our customized email marketing campaigns are crafted by experts to help:

  • Attract new leads with social media sharing options
  • Build trust and loyalty through customized content
  • Engage your readers and convert leads
  • Improve your brand’s image
  • Increase open rates
  • Inspire your readers to take action
  • Measure results through analytic software
  • Retain customers and turn them into repeat customers
  • Turn abandoned carts into sales

Low-Risk Email Marketing Services Through DigifiWeb Converts Leads to Improve Your Company’s Bottom Line

Every single email you send is an opportunity to speak directly to your target audience to help improve your relationship with them to help drive sales. Imagine the power a strategic email marketing campaign with DigifiWeb can have on your company’s bottom line. Call us today at 561-267-0818 to learn more about how our digital marketing experts can help you expand your business through e-marketing.