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Top 3 PPC Fails That Cause You to Lose Money With Ads

PPC in Boca Raton

PPC, or pay-per-click, is a way to promote your business via internet marketing without wasting money. It works by placing your ad at the top of the search, and you only have to pay when people click on your link. Since the pandemic, PPC in Boca Raton is becoming increasingly popular due to higher rates of online searches. While PPC shouldn’t cause you to lose money, you can optimize your marketing dollars. Here are 3 mistakes you might be making that are causing you to miss sales opportunities.

1. Failure to Remarket

Remarketing is about targeting people who have already used your website, instead of only targeting people who haven’t. Remarketing can bring a higher return on ad spend, or ROAS, percentage which means that you are getting more money through sales than you’re spending on your ad campaign.

2. Keywords Aren’t Always the Key to a Successful Campaign

Keywords are extremely important when you’re trying to bring your target audience to what it is you’re promoting. Use keyword research data to fine tune your list of words your users are searching. Profile your audience, and change your PPC campaign by using the language they use.

3. You Didn’t Hire DigifiWeb For Your PPC in Boca Raton

This, by far, is the biggest mistake. DigifiWeb is continuously working to draw visitors and keep them coming back. At DigifiWeb, we deliver six components for an amazingly smooth PPC campaign. We give real-time results, targeted leads, high conversion rates and ROI, strategic game plans that can be updated to fit your needs, outstanding SEO usage of keywords, and precisely targeted leads. 

Ready to Update Your PPC Campaign For Optimal Results, So You Stop Wasting Money Unnecessarily AND Increase Sales?

It’s time to update your PPC campaign, and DigifiWeb can help. We can run your campaign and deliver the optimal results. Contact us at 561-4824 today to learn how we can help increase your leads and give you the best PPC in Boca Raton!

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