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What Is the Difference Between Organic Traffic and Direct Traffic?

Organic Traffic SEO

You’ve got a sales page that you want people to visit, providing a valuable service or product. But, where is your targeted web traffic going to come from? Organic traffic, or users that are looking for what you offer and find your page from specific searches. It’s important to understand and track the driving forces behind the visits to your page, so you can improve your web presence, and ultimately, sales. Here’s what you need to know about organic and direct traffic.

What Is Direct Traffic?

Direct traffic is page visits that happen when someone directly types in your web address to get there and is not referred from any other website, meaning the user went directly to your site with your information that they’d already received. It’s unknown exactly how a user found your information. Did they have a business card with your URL and type it in? Or, did they see it on an ad? Did they get there from a mobile app, email, or text message? There’s no way to know what drove the user to your site.

What Is Organic Traffic?

The user is visiting your page after clicking on results from a search engine (but not a paid ad). Like direct traffic, organic traffic is not referred from any other site. It is sent to your page is a direct result of your efforts at search engine optimization (SEO) of content and images on your site. You can get increase this type of traffic by focusing on search engine optimization to reach more users. Google Analytics knows the history of how the user found your site. 

How Can You Increase Organic Traffic?

To increase clicks and boost business, the goal is to increase your organic clicks, which means getting more clicks from searches. Focus your efforts on search engine optimization, so that your page is recognized and prioritized by search engines. You can do this through:

Need Help Generating More Organic Traffic to Your Site?

As online business grows and Google becomes more refined, the importance and complexity of generating organic traffic is growing as well. To stay ahead of the game and focus on your online presence, hire the pros at DigifiWeb to help your site optimize content! Give us a call today at 561-316-4824 for a consultation to grow and improve your online sales.

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